One more OS9 user bites the dust (almost)

2005 October 22
by Scott

After lots and lots of nudging, begging, and (mostly) waiting on my father has finally taken the leap into OS X. Thank goodness!

He decided to buy a 12" Powerbook after using mine a few times. He has various Macs he uses for his business - 2 G4 towers, 2 Wallstreet Powerbooks, and a Bondi blue iMac. He's resisted upgrading for understandable reasons:

  • he knows OS 9 (and has few problems with it, at least in his perception)
  • he uses two large format inkjet printers with various papers, and has all the needed settings figured out (which took a while to get straight)
  • the Point-of-purchase software he uses to manage the business stopped development at OS 9. The software does everything he needs, and he is not interested in spending the time and effort to migrate to a new system

The funny part is that now that he has made the upgrade, he has ended up with a newer version than me! Tiger came with his new computer, and I'm still using Panther.

He's starting to get it. It's neat to see. On the phone today he asked me if Dashboard was new to Tiger. I told him it was and he replied "it's pretty neat." I knew it would be perfect for him to check stock prices whenever my grandfather called to ask how his stocks were doing. He's already using it for that, after only three days.

Pretty cool.

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