2010 August 26
by Scott

I recently signed up for, a new online service (currently invitation-only) that provides a way for people to post their iPhone Homescreens for the world to see, as opposed to posting screenshots on various photo hosting sites.

It's a novel idea, and an incredibly simple and well-done site. However, it doesn't seem to be completely thought out for real-world usage yet (but I do realize it is still in beta). For instance, there is currently no way to browse or showcase any of the homescreens, since you have to know the specific link of someone's profile in order to see it.

The biggest ongoing issue I see with it is that it only shows your most current homescreen. That's great in theory, except that it means it's almost useless for anyone else to link to your homescreen as a way to show a particular wallpaper or icon arrangement, since that link could easily become outdated as soon as that profile changes. Considering how often people change their iPhone wallpapers, that could lead to a lot of outdated links.

I've already seen this situation arise. While looking at a blog post showcasing beautiful iPhone wallpapers on (who is associated with, clicked on a link to a particular profile used as an example of the wallpapers in Daniel Waldron’s collection. However, that person is no longer using that particular wallpaper, so the link is essentially pointless now.

That said, does look promising, and hopefully some of these issues can be worked out as the site becomes more popular and as the beta progresses. As it currently stands, I can only see it useful for use in a forum signature or as a vanity link on your own blog, and not as any sort of informational link.

By the way, here's my (current) homescreen.

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